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At Havey & Associates, Inc., we are professional church fundraising consultants. We are dedicated to helping churches and other faith-based organizations conduct successful fundraising programs. We have worked with faith-based nonprofit ministries throughout the United States since 1990, enabling them to meet and often surpass their fundraising goals. We’ve accomplished this by providing a proven process, a wealth of supporting materials and a guiding hand - which in turn enhance spirit, fellowship, stewardship and mission.

Today, we are blessed to be able to offer our clients even more. We now offer data analytics and management, digital print services, online technologies and direct marketing services. These services allow us to do an even better job of identifying contributor segments and communicating with them in a personalized manner. We will continue to provide the close, personal attention that your project demands and you deserve from your church fundraising consultant.

Steve Havey - Church Fundraising Consultant

"It is our goal to challenge and raise the sights of all our clients. In fact, the majority of our church fundraising clients raise five times their annual pledged income! We will guide you every step of the way to a successful conclusion."

Steve Havey, President
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