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Our services are determined in advance on a flat fee basis. Fees are never based on a percentage or contingency of the funds raised.

At Havey & Associates, Inc., we offer a full range of innovative services for every type of fundraising need - Pre-Campaign, Campaign & Post-Campaign:

  • Advance Counsel by our firm to assist in preparing for and conducting fundraising programs
  • Needs Assessment Programs to determine project needs and costs
  • Planning Studies to assess fundraising potential
  • Awareness / Education Programs to cultivate your prospective donors
  • Full-time and / or Periodic Direction of Campaigns for building programs, debt retirement, endowment or enhancement of your current stewardship program
  • Planned Giving Counsel (fundraising workshops and seminars)
  • CONSULT+ web conferencing for virtual meetings to maximize efficiency and convenience at a reduced cost
  • Direct Mail Campaigns (marketing or fundraising appeals)
  • Data Analysis and Management Services for prospect research / identification
  • Data Mining and Modeling to build your donor base and develop membership growth
  • Pledge Fulfillment
  • Electronic Donation Solutions
  • Web Site Development
  • Design and Printing of brochures (campaign or program-related) and member directories
  • Photography Services
  • Aerial Photography & Video (by Drone)
  • Specialized Training of in-house staff

We work with you to ensure that every aspect of your campaign incorporates fundraising best practices from developing support to managing pledge fulfillment. We understand that each client is unique, and your campaign needs to honor your culture. Our fundraising services blend best practices with a 'hands-on' tailored approach that reflects your personality for an authentic, inclusive – and highly successful - fundraising campaign.


Laying a solid foundation is key to a successful fundraising campaign.

Before you invest time, energy and money, we ensure that your campaign is poised to succeed. To this end, we bring all of our expertise to bear and work together with you to:

  • Create a Long-Range Development Plan to guide your efforts
  • Conduct a Needs Assessment and identify costs
  • Perform a Planning Study to assess the viability of a campaign
  • Present an Awareness / Education Program to foster ownership of the campaign

Our comprehensive pre-campaign services ensure that you are both ready and able to launch a successful fundraising campaign.


By the time you have completed the pre-campaign planning phase with Havey & Associates, Inc., you will be thoroughly prepared to conduct your fundraising campaign.
We work with you every step of the way for your capital or annual stewardship campaign by:

  • Providing Experienced, Dedicated Professional Staff to work with your campaign coordinator and handle the administrative aspects of your campaign
  • Managing your Campaign from start to finish
  • Preparing the Campaign Plan, case for support, campaign organization, timetable, public relations materials and campaign strategy
  • Supervising the Enlistment of all campaign leaders and volunteers
  • Conducting all of the meetings to inform, train and check progress
  • Designing and Printing all support materials such as brochures, letters and training materials
  • Providing Software to organize the campaign efficiently, track volunteers, project cash flow, record pledges and payments, and much more
  • Supervising the Fulfillment of Pledges over the five-year pledge period
  • Assisting and Guiding you in the process as necessary

Throughout the process, we help you increase engagement, speak with an authentic voice, and perhaps most importantly, develop skills that will serve your church well beyond the completion of the Campaign.


We are committed to making sure that all of the hard work you invested during your campaign comes to fruition. Therefore, we check in with you periodically over your pledge fulfillment period at no additional cost to ensure that things are going smoothly.

Additional services we provide after your campaign are:

  • For-fee follow-up services
  • Annual stewardship counseling and assessment
  • Training of in-house staff
  • Data analytics and management
  • Direct mail fundraising appeals
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Design and printing services
  • Membership directories
  • Web site development
  • Electronic Donation Solutions

By partnering with Havey & Associates, Inc., you’ll gain access to the widest range of church campaign services available in the industry.

High-Tech, High-Touch

We bring leading-edge technology to your fundraising efforts. We combine advanced data mining capabilities with personalized fundraising appeals to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaign. And by offering all of the services you need, we simplify your job and let you focus on what's important: raising the funds you need to accomplish your goals.

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